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ShoPrism™ Compact Triple Torch Jet Lighter

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The wind may be a barrier to your typical lighter, but the Compact Triple Torch Jet Lighter has 4 colors and an elegant design, durable material that will withstand any gusts. With a rotating burner and gas control dial, adjust the flame as you like. This is one bad boy you won't regret having in tow on every adventure.

Note: All gas lighters will be delivered without gas/fuel due to shipper's policies.

Brand Name: ShoPrism
Material: Metal 
Starting Mechanism: Flint
Flame/Gas control:
Rotatable Dial
Burner Type: 
Fuel Type: 
Butane Gas
 Triple Jet Flames
Size: 86 x 25 x 8mm
Weight: 80 g 

Refill: Yes
Windproof: Yes 

Package Includes:

1 x  Compact Triple Torch Jet Lighter